Health Safety Environment

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CASHES Plan, is the emphasis on Tezon-Drone Limited’s Management’s responsibility for good community relationship, Health and safety of all personnel involved in our operations, and any member of the public that may be affected. The CASHES Plan adopts a minimum negative effect of the impact on the environment in which our operations are carried out.

As our implementation approach on the CASHES policy, our operations have put in place all the necessary procedures and activities aimed at achieving a satisfactory management of the CASHES issues.
With this approach, CASHES performance can actually be measured, facilitating the identification of areas that may require improvement through observations, Checks and Control if not completely eliminated.
Tezon Drone Nigeria Limited seeks to conduct its activities thus:

HEALTH: In a manner as to avoid harm to the health of its employees and that of others, and to promote, as appropriate, the health of its employees and others.

  • All workers are to be certified medically fit before being employed and annually by a qualified medical doctor.
  • Undertake statistical studies of illness(s) causing absence from work
  • Sensitize employees to encourage health, safety and prevent injury
  • Complete health hazard identification list
  • Upgrade site accommodation standards
  • Ensure employees receive medical care in a well-equipped site clinic manned by suitably qualified medical practitioners.

SAFETY: At Tezon Drone Nigeria Limited, we strive to minimize hazards both at site and home noting all hazards/injuries can be reduced As Low As Reasonably Possible (ALARP) and actively promote amongst all stockholders, high standards of safety consciousness and discipline that this principle demands.

  • No lost time to injuries (LTI)
  • Maintain ZERO Road Transport Accident (RTA) and Road Transport Incident (RTI)
  • Carryout daily near miss and unsafe condition audits
  • Report all near misses
  • Maintain ZERO fire accident
  • Continuous training of personnel (to enhance awareness)
  • Maintain Zero equipment damage
  • Strict adherence to permit to work procedures
  • Enhance commitment to safety and promote safety awareness among all categories of our staff and sub-contractor’s staff

ENVIRONMENT: Tezon Drone Nigeria Limited will pursue in her operations, progressive reductions of emissions, effluents and discharge of waste material that are known to have a negative impact on the environment, with the ultimate aim of eliminating them. In addition, there will be proper management of waste streams generated responsibly through segregation and proper disposal in accordance with ISO 14001 requirement and other applicable legislation.

  • Adhere to all statutory laws and procedures for the conservation of the environment.
  • Develop proper waste disposal procedure suitable for the environment and in accordance with ISO 14001 requirement and other applicable legislation.
  • Operate with the limits of job requirements in order to minimize any such deleterious effects on the environment in which we work

SECURITY: The protection of the human, material and other resources used in our daily operations shall continue to be given priority attention. The company shall employ the services of full time (day & night) energetic and trained men for surveillance purpose in our entire site and in transit. The services of relevant Government armed security agents shall be used to protect company’s personnel and property, when necessary, to support corporate and internal security arrangement.

We belief at Tezon Drone Nigeria Limited that the CASHES Performance and success is an integral part of business management and thus We are guided by the following principles:

  • CASHES is of equal importance to other business activities.
  • CASHES management is line responsibility.
  • Everybody is responsible for CASHES.
  • No activity shall be carried out unless considered safe.
  • Safeguard the health and safety of all employees, contractor and third parties.
  • Maintain good relationship with host communities.
  • Every job could be done safely.
  • Employees of this company and our sub-contractors and suppliers are highly encouraged to understand and participate in the enhancement of this policy.