Everyone I talked to on LuckyCrush was friendly

Everyone I talked to on LuckyCrush was friendly

Excerpt : “So if you’re both standing around somewhere, waiting in line at the store or waiting to be served at a bar (even if you are using one of the hookup apps that actually work ), just dive in. Make a comment about your immediate surroundings, the new drink menu, the number of cashiers they have or something that just happened. If she wants to talk, she’ll add to the conversation. If not, you won’t have to stand around too long afterwards.”

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Excerpt : “The thing about cold reading and guessing is that you’ll never go wrong with it. If you get it wrong, she will correct you, and perhaps add to it. If you are spot on, they’ll likely to think that you’re quite perceptive and may engage with you in conversation because of that. One time I got most of my cold reads right by chance by guessing a girl was half Japanese and studied at the University of London. She reacted positively and was curious how did I know procurando uma noiva mexicano so much. I followed up by teasing that I stalk her daily on Facebook and Instagram.”

None of the women clicked “Next” on me either. In fact, they were all friendly and excited to talk to me from the very start. Sometimes, we’d both use the text chat function, then the woman would begin talking into the microphone when she felt more comfortable. Other women were excited to say “Hi” into the microphone straight away.

Either way, 100% of the women were open and ready for a meaningful conversation. It made a pleasant change from mainstream dating apps where so many women are too lazy to put more than half a dozen words together if they respond at all.

Just under half of the women gave me their contact details

It could have been more than this, but I really did try to rush some of my conversations towards a quick numerical climax. Probably too quick. After all, I was against the clock. Every minute was costing me around a dollar, and I had to get a reliable verdict on this website without going bankrupt. Indeed, any male Lucky Crush user could experience the same dilemma of trying to get a woman’s phone number too quickly in an effort to save money.

Why we prefer AFF

While I had fun and met some great women on LuckyCrush.Live, there is no way I could say this website is fit to shine the shoes of AFF.

AFF is the OG of hookup websites and it continues to go from strength to strength. We’ve seen guys have the best results using AFF, especially if they’re not super handsome.

This is because AFF makes no qualms about being a website for hookups. It is clearly marketed like this on every part of that website. The end result is that women can be loud and proud about their desire for some short-term fun.

A huge downside of LuckyCrush.Live is the value for money. You’ll have to pay almost a dollar for every minute you’re on video chat, and you can only talk to one woman at a time. With AFF, you’ll pay a monthly subscription to access potentially thousands of women ready to hook up within a few texts, plus millions more all over the world.

Better yet, AFF is currently running a free trial, so there’s no better time to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

User testimonials for LuckyCrush:

The idea is great, so gave this site a go and after spending about 100 USD I am very disappointed. As far as I can tell, the women I’ve met (circa 10-12 of them) are the same type of professionals you will find on any old cam site and the business model is the same as well. Just without the ability to choose who you get involved with. Your expensive credit will evaporate at lightning speed and you will have little to show for it that you can’t easily find somewhere else (and probably cheaper). Value for money is absolutely atrocious – and I really wanted to like this site! Maybe just my personal experience, but based on that I absolutely cannot recommend it.

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